Is it surprising that the child of a Car and Driver editor has an affinity for cars? At 21 months old, my kid can identify and name the make of just about every car and truck we come across. He's sure to be a bona fide car kid once he hits grade school. That's about the time I plan to let him read through the pages of our new children's book, too: Car and Driver Trivia Zone.

Though readers of all ages can enjoy Car and Driver Trivia Zone, the book really caters to the teen and preteen crowds. Writer Dan Boya's trivia questions run the gamut, ranging from fun and easy—even for the less car-savvy reader—to challenging and technical. You don't need an engineering degree to answer the latter questions correctly, but it may help if you're the sort of gearhead who's a regular Car and Driver reader.

It's OK if that doesn't apply to you, though, because Car and Driver Trivia Zone also includes the answers (with explanations) to each and every trivia question—giving readers the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. The topics the book covers may even lead readers to develop an interest in other automotive-adjacent areas, too, including racing or engineering.


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Sure, a few cultural references within Car and Driver Trivia Zone may struggle to stand the test of time, and readers with a deeper automotive knowledge base may find some of the simpler questions a bit too easy, but on the whole, Car and Driver Trivia Zone is a fun way to test just how much you know about cars, not to mention learn a bit more about them along the way. Car and Driver Trivia Zone goes on sale tomorrow, June 25. Purchase it at Amazon (left), Barnes & Noble, or Target stores.

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